We believe that everyone can do their part to lessen their impact on the environment; as individuals, communities, and government bodies. Personally and as a company, the STUDIO DAM team is concerned with bettering our lifestyles without increasing the waste we produce. DAM GOOD PLASTIC is our corporate effort in plastic waste reduction through upcycling. It is a solution that enables us to marry our creative talent with business acumen and our social responsibilities as people walking and using the Earth’s resources.

DAM GOOD PLASTIC officially kick-started in October 2021 though the idea and planning for the project came about in May 2021 as part of STUDIO DAM’s application to DesignSingapore Council’s Good Design Research (GDR) Open Call. The feedback from the Council’s team was a helpful indication to the STUDIO DAM team of the feasibility of our project, and we proceeded ahead with DAM GOOD PLASTIC independently.

The specific mission of upcycling waste plastic (instead of other recycling efforts) came from our understanding of the enormous amount of plastic consumption and disposal. In 2020 alone, Singapore’s total plastic waste was 868,000 tonnes (or 868,000,000 kilograms). Only 4% of that amount was recycled.

That is why DAM GOOD PLASTIC is STUDIO DAM’s initiative in upcycling plastics. We collect, sort, and create new products from HDPE 2 and PP waste plastic.

Where We’re Going with DAM GOOD PLASTIC

The DAM GOOD PLASTIC initiative is a display of our effort in practising corporate social responsibility. At the same time, it is a test for us to push the boundaries and assess our capabilities as a creative agency.

DAM GOOD PLASTIC is still in its early stages, and the research and development of the project will take time. Yet, the team at STUDIO DAM is optimistic and eager to build upon the existing pool of knowledge and experience from the Precious Plastic community. We will implement the insightful lessons and experience we collect to improve and derive better results for our clients and ourselves

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