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A logo can be the single most important branding decision a company makes. Having a vibrant, modern, and creative logo ensures that your audience recognizes you as an expert in your industry, and it guarantees their trust in your product and/or service. STUDIO DAM will develop your vision by translating it into a professional logo that is individualistic, timeless, and effective.
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Why brand logo design is so important

The logo is the first thing about a brand an audience spots, and it’s more than ‘graphic design.’ Many factors of consideration go into a logo: it must be memorable, consistently reproducible for various means and mediums, and easily recognisable. It should convey what your brand does instantly – all in an impactful way that resonates with your audience.

A strong logo has the potential to:

  • Create a strong sense of brand awareness
  • Help sell products/services faster,
  • Make advertising more effective,
  • Increase sales volume and profits,
  • Create loyal brand recognition.

Without an outstanding logo, your brand may lose an opportunity to create a good rapport with your audience.

What makes a logo design great

A great logo possesses a visual with the power to influence, which can work wonders for your marketing and branding efforts.

A strong logo is emblematic of its parent company — it will function as a symbol of your brand. It must visually evoke what the company does or represents without words – this quality is referred to as Symbolic Identification.

Your Brand’s Identity Starts Here

STUDIO DAM offers custom logo design services that take into account all aspects of your business and industry to create the most effective graphic identity package available. You do not want just any old ‘logo’… you want one that sets your company apart from its competition. Take the time to carefully consider the identity and personality your business should emulate, and we’ll help you find the perfect design to convey that message.

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Step 1. Establish Goals & Objectives

Every project begins with a meeting where we get to know you and your company. We talk with you about who you are, where you’re going, and how your logo should fit into these plans. We review all the relevant information (including promotional literature) to gain an in-depth understanding of past, present, and future goals. At this point, we can also evaluate the core values or attributes to be expressed in your new logo. All of the information can be used to develop primary design directives.

Step 2. Assess Branding History

It’s important to understand which logo style is best for your company – different styles carry different emotional messages. We will research existing brand identities, analyze the competition, and discuss the pros and cons of each available design option.

Step 3. Brainstorm Ideas

By this point, we know precisely what you are looking at for a new logo, so we can begin developing concepts that fit the exact specifications while adhering to our initial design directives. We spread these sessions with consultation periods to reassure you of the progress, and that we stay on track to deliver a finished concept that’s completely tailored to you!

Step 4. Refine & Finalize

Once we’ve settled on a direction, the real fun begins! You’ll closely review each refinement of the concept until you reach your desired result. This may happen in stages, or all at once – it works on a case-by-case basis.

Step 5. Final Artwork

Final logo artwork files will be handed over to you in the necessary industry formats.

What Will My Logo Look Like

There are no limitations to logo design – if you require this service, be sure to choose a designer who can deliver the look you’re after.

Neuroscience has shown that human memory is strongly influenced by visual stimuli. A great logo design will help differentiate your brand from competitors in a highly competitive and saturated marketplace.

The goal of logo design is simple: to create a highly visible symbol that will attract new customers, improve employee morale, communicate effective marketing messages, and increase sales volume and profit margins while enhancing your business reputation. 

A logo should complement and enhance your brand. It is an integral piece of your brand’s identity. However, when it comes to a brand refresh, it’s very important to retain the history of the brand. Depending on the circumstances, the new logo may or may not hold a resemblance to its old logo. See some examples of our past logo transformation work below.

What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Started?

Here are some pointers you should prepare: 

  • Which industry your business belongs to,
  • What business goals you have in mind for your new branding strategy,
  • The core values encompassing your organisation,
  • Description of any existing logos or designs relevant to the project – why they were created, who designed them, how they have been used, etc. 

The more information about present conditions we can gather before designing a new logo, the better our results will be for you.

How Much Will It Cost?

A branding project can range from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on your goals, the scope of work involved, and how much input you need. Costs will vary according to the number of concepts required for review or additional items (like business card layout/design, brochures, web design, packaging design etc.).

Doing Branding the STUDIO DAM Way

STUDIO DAM is a multi-disciplinary branding consultancy based in Singapore. With a background in design and years of first-hand experience in starting businesses, Debby and Matthijs contain a zeal for working collaborations and fellowships with other SME founders. The team passionately accepts projects with unfamiliar or new challenges to maintain the spirit of education that combines design thinking with business sense.