Matthijs Rikken: Crafting Innovative Brand Narratives

Matthijs Rikken with a Client

Highlights about Matthijs Rikken

  • Founder & Creative Director: At the forefront of STUDIO DAM, excelling in branding, creative direction, and materializing concepts into tangible realities.
  • Educated Visionary: Armed with a Diploma in Graphic Design from GLU (Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht) and a Bachelor of Design from DAE (Design Academy of Eindhoven), combining graphic skills with material knowledge and experiential design.


Matthijs Rikken in a Creative Discussion

Matthijs Rikken’s experience in branding is extensive and varied. He is not just a creative director; he is a visionary who sees branding as a multidimensional challenge.

His expertise stretches from traditional graphic design to the creation of immersive brand experiences through styling, 3D thinking, and prototype development. His work is characterized by a deep understanding of how brands can connect with people in meaningful ways.

One of Matthijs’ standout skills is his profound knowledge of materials and his ability to use them in innovative ways. Whether it’s for packaging, installations, or brand-related objects, his designs stand out for their creativity and functionality. This skill comes from a deep passion for understanding how things are made and how they can be made better.

At the core of his approach is a belief in the power of in-depth research. By understanding a brand or industry thoroughly, Matthijs can create strategies and designs that resonate deeply with the target audience. He excels in finding new and exciting ways to bring a brand’s story to life, ensuring that every project he works on is both unique and deeply reflective of the brand’s core values.


Matthijs Rikken and Debby Yu

Matthijs Rikken’ education has been foundational to his career. His time at GLU provided him with a strong base in graphic design and styling. This was followed by a multifaceted education at DAE, where he explored the realms of fashion, communication and social experiential design. These experiences provided him with a diverse skill set and a unique perspective on design and branding.

Beyond formal education, Matthijs Rikken is committed to ongoing learning and professional development. His involvement in organizations like BNI (Business Network International) and EOA (Entrepreneurs Organisation Accelerator) exemplifies his dedication to staying at the forefront of the branding and design by better understanding other industries and overall business growth. This commitment to learning not only enhances his professional skills but also keeps him connected with business owners from very diverse industries.

Personal Interests

Matthijs Rikken with Kids

Integrating Work and Life: Matthijs’ life is a testament to the seamless integration of work and personal passions. Design is not just his profession but his hobby, and this blurring of lines allows him to bring a unique passion and energy to his work. His entrepreneurial spirit is complemented by trying to be a DAM good husband and father, creating a balanced and fulfilling life.

Active Lifestyle and Future Aspirations: While his work and family take center stage, Matthijs Rikken also enjoys an active lifestyle. His interests in inline skating, longboarding, and cycling are not just hobbies but a reflection of his dynamic and energetic personality. He aims to find more time for these activities, understanding the importance of personal well-being in sustaining his creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Career Goals

Fostering Growth and Balance at STUDIO DAM: His career goals go beyond the conventional metrics of success. He aspires to grow STUDIO DAM into an agency that is known not just for its outstanding work but also for its vibrant and balanced work culture. His vision is to create an environment where creativity and personal well-being coexist, inspiring his team to reach new heights of innovation and excellence.